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Similar to what happens when you make payments on a house or furniture until you own it (rent to own), it's when people borrow your sh*t, and intentionally never give it back. It usually happens when you loan stuff you don't use anymore, so you forget you loaned it out.
No need to cop a 5-year-old cd. Just get it from your best friend and borrow to own it.
by Underdawg215 November 22, 2010
The inner voice that tells you its OK if you hook up with your friend's spouse or ex-spouse.
I can't believe Rick's girl sent me a sext a couple weeks after they broke up. We tried to hook up years ago. I know it might be shady but the voice of treason is telling me there's technically nothing wrong with it.
by Underdawg215 October 20, 2010
Plans for your day that ONLY make sense because you aren't ready to get outta bed.
*Alarm clock buzzes at 7am*

Head voice: "I got an 8:00am meeting, but its raining out so no one will show up 'til 8:30 anyway."

*Alarm goes off at 7am*

Head voice: "If I skip the gym this morning I can squeeze it in tonight after monday night football."

I thought I could sleep in yet get to work on time if I dressed down and skipped breakfast. A.M. logic is dangerous.
by Underdawg215 October 20, 2010
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