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Many other defs will try and convince you that this city is trying to emulate Seattle. Let's take a minute to think about how retarded that statement is. A city is not a living thing; it has no concept of popularity. It's hard to see how the city of Portland can make a conscious effort to "copy off of" Seattle. Portland is an awesome place. You can get everything you need from the urban lifestyle, but it still has all the comforts of living somewhere really familiar. Indie music capital of the nation, which makes it about fifty times cooler than Seattle right there. The people are totally chill and friendly, accepting, and hospitable. The greatest city on earth.
Fuck Seattle! I'm moving to Portland!
by Uncletross January 30, 2008
Non-talented lead singer of Destiny's Child. Used the other members of Destiny's Child to become more famous and start a solo career. Also a "movie star," if you count horrible travesties such as Austin Powers in Goldmemeber, The Fighting Temptations, and The Pink Panther. One of the worst actresses ever, along with Cameron Diaz.
Wow, Beyonce Knowles sure is overrated; I think she should just quit her music and film "careers" and be a model.
by Uncletross March 09, 2006
Since the turn of the century, common American speech has gradually turned into a new version of valley girl talk. It is characterized especially by two things - statements ending in an unnecessary question, and truncated and abbreviated words and phrases.
"Valley girl speech is SO 2k, huh?"
"I know, right? I love valley girl 2k."
"Totes. It's all about valley girl 2k now."
"Sometimes people point out how air-headed we sound with our valley girl 2k speak, and it's MAD AWK."
"Whatevs. Valley girl 2k is awesome and funny."
by Uncletross October 22, 2008
traditional food used to celebrate Fran Drescher's birthday. Also known as brownies.
I just made some kick ass frannies for dessert
by Uncletross July 26, 2006

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