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The act of having sex with a virgin or a girl who is on her period and when you are about to ejaculate pull out and titty-fuck the individual so the blood from her vagina gets on her tits and then ejaculate on her face.
Bill: Dude I totally pulled off the Bleezy Johnson last night!!! She wasnt too happy about it though she had to take a shower after.

Jim: I bet dude she was already on her period and then you get her own period blood on her?! Gross dude!
by UncleGameTight September 03, 2009
The act of having sex with a girl who is a virgin or on her period and after you pull out smack her across the face twice to make what looks like the joker scars from Batman with her blood from her vagina.
Bill: I pulled off The Joker last night, I had to surprise her with it though I knew she wouldnt go for it.

Jim: No shit dude! thats pretty nasty you cant blame her
by UncleGameTight September 03, 2009
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