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The name of one of the most popular viral videos ever to be on YOUTUBE, consisting of Gnomes speaking dutch with english translations.
" When I finally saw that fart in the duck video, I laughed off my assie - nipples " !
by Uncle Puppy November 24, 2008
A thin, very cute, very pretty, SMALL girl,no more than 5'5" tall, who is very pert or perky in appearance and demeanor, with a noticably curvy butt, and arguably no more than 35 years old.
"You should see the little spanker that just started working at McDonalds"
by Uncle Puppy August 25, 2006
The penis, either hard or soft, that must be emptied immediately when experiencing a full bladder sensation.
"Let me out of the car right now, I have to empty out my piss cock."
by Uncle Puppy November 24, 2008
A fool, a foolish person, likened to a bufoon.
An assholeor an idiotic jerk.
"Can you believe John quit his job at the bank to work at burger king, what a schtupper".
by Uncle puppy November 24, 2006
When your wife gives you one, or multiple, jobs or tasks to do on top of the already high-pile of things to do on your honey do list.
"Honey, after your'e done grocery shopping, can you run the vaccum and make sure the grass is cut ? I don't mean to be stacking chores on you, but you know your'e my big helper".
by Uncle Puppy October 17, 2008

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