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A good measure of nasal phlegm, hoiked up and spat on a ceiling. The desired effect is to have a thick, glutenous ball of spit slowly hanging into an icicle type installation, the better right above teachers desk. Joy occurs when the phlegmsicle starts its journey and becomes ever more elongated, until the tipping point is reached and the phlegm disconnects with the ceiling and becomes an earthbound projectile of slimy green snot. Orig. Liverpool UK
Class prankster: "Here comes Senora Cortez, let's have phlegmsicles!"

Whole class: "Sniff, uuugggggghhhhhhhh thrwiiiiiT!"
by Uncle Max September 18, 2006
Outrageous; usually a person expecting unrealistic results, or a situation where something highly unusual occurs
Punk: "The nurse asked me to pull down my pants and cough while she placed a cold metal spoon under my testicles"

Friend: "That's Whackula"
by Uncle Max September 18, 2006
A person displaying monstrous, tyrannical behaviour, esp. toddlers or over-preened/princess women encountering cognitive disonance
Child: "Waaaaah! Aggggggh! Mine! MINE!" etc

Friend of Parent: "Dude, you've got to stop giving him Red Bull, he's turning into a real little Freakzilla"
by Uncle Max September 18, 2006
A derisory name given to those considered helpless, feeble or someway pathetic. Orig. poss. Liverpool UK. Lower working class usage.
Nerdy guy in glasses trips/drops something/walks past
Assembled Youths: "Aaaah, ya fuckin' NUGGET!"
by Uncle Max September 18, 2006
Describing one's immediate desire to vacate the premises/area
Friend: "Here comes your girlfriend's husband"
Punk: "I'm Audi"
by Uncle Max September 18, 2006
Underwear fluff gathered in your ass-crack
Punk A: "I'm bored"
Punk B: "Let's set fire to our winnits"
by Uncle Max September 18, 2006
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