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A term used to describe someone whow either knowingly (usually found in casinos) or unknowingly (usually in a bar) ruins a hot streak or situation.

When assosciated with the ruining of any type of foundation trying to be laid with picking up chicks, it is often accompanied by a fierce blowing wind sound caused by the offender, which in turn leads to his poor friends freezing instantaneously like cartoon characters.
Barry: "Hey Garry did you get any ass last night?"

Garry: "No way bro! That Andrew kid was being such a cooler!"
by Uncle Larry January 26, 2010
A feeling of confidence, superiority, greatness, and swagger only obtained by pure animals. This "attitude " or "lifestyle" in fact has absolutely nothing to do with the size of one's penis, but is more a way of life for wildmen.
Frat guy #1:"Boy Larry is really killing it with the ladies tonight!"

Frat guy #2:"Yeah, I know! He's such a cocksure wildman!"
by Uncle Larry January 26, 2010

The act of deficating in a area within your apartment on pieces of newspaper so one or more of your roomates will unsuspectingly step into it, hopefully barefoot. The best strategic shits are those that go unnoticed.
After a superb strategic shitting play outside of Sam's bedroom, all Larry could do was sit back and wait.
by Uncle Larry October 15, 2006
The correct name for this is "Edward Forty Hands"
Hey lets go get some ductape and some Old E so we can play Edward Forty Hands not 120 ounces of man.
by Uncle Larry October 15, 2006

Someone who is lost, confused, unkempt, wild-eyed, looney, smooth, mustachioed, perverted, goofbally, often heckled, and missing teeth. A Larry will exhibit one or more of these qulaities as well as anything else that pegs him as an oddball. Often a Larry is spotted and called out with a "Hey Larry!"
Her friend warned against dating the boy from Altoona because he was displaying some very "Larry" like qualities.
by Uncle Larry October 15, 2006

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