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1,1,1,Trichloroethane, a chemical solvent once found in many aerosols, and it once was found in Scotch Guard..."E(h)" comes from the "eah" sound in the word "Trichloroethane" (Trichloro***e**thane)...E(h) was a fan favorite among Pacifc Northwest gas huffers in the early nineties...
Huffing this E(h) shit puts me in a goddamn Dreamworld
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
Brand name of a type of butane canister, used to refill butane lighters...It has around eight different-colored nozzle tips included in the cap fer use in virtually all butane lighters...Found a niche in the teen gas huffing scene...The brown tip was the fi-ya!
Don't bogart that Zeus, my friend...Pass it over to me...
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
The tiny wad of cotton placed into a dope solution in a spoon, used to suck up the dope through.
Hey, can I have yer rinse after you blast?
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
A person who makes things out of glass, by glass blowing
I know the blower who blew yer bitch.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
Righteous Ammount...A very large quantity of something. Usually said with a Southern drawl.
30 tons?...Yah, that's a ricemount a marijuana.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
1. Something that strikes an envious response...

2. A man who is all that...

3. A Nagger with his shit together...
Daaaaamn, B...Dat ring is playa playa...

Ya'll playa playa up in dis muthafuka, ain'tcha?...

Damn, Sedrick...You got it like dat??!! You kickin' it playa playa...

by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
A pervasive crack smoker
Muthafukkuh went through dat boulder in five minutes??!!...Butterhead Nagger...
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
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