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While pooping, one's stomach begins to converse with oneself through morse code, often giving helpful life tips and warnings; also known as the fortune cookie of the body.
Doctor: "Has anything unusual happened to you lately?"
Steve: "Well, I had a case of Abdodiphrass last night."
-- Last night --
Steve: (Whistles on toilet)
Steve's stomach: (taps) "Cover nose."
by UnKyle June 06, 2012
Dumper Bowl (not to be mistaken for the athletic event, The Dumperbowl) is a synonym for words such as: the tush cushion, the halo bowl (only applies to fish), swirly station, HWDC (Human Waste Disposal Closet), the #1/#2 irrigation center, and most commonly known as the toilet.
Jerry: "I just emptied some freshly cut logs into the Dumper Bowl if you know what i mean." ... "No not the athletic event."
by UnKyle July 22, 2012

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