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Former member and lead singer of the visual kei band Malice Mizer; currently solo. Admired by fans from around the world, gorgeous (see "bishounen"), skilled in a large number of musical instruments, and known for his cool and nonchalant public attitude. Also has an amazing vocal range.
Gackt is too beautiful for his own good.
by umeko November 02, 2003
A minor or adult's sexual attraction to mature adults.
Teleiophilia is a primary sexual attraction to grown adults.
by Umeko December 02, 2004
An also femininely beautiful man. Usually appears in manga or anime, but can rarely be seen in real life (see Gackt).
Bishoooouuuunen.... *drool*
by umeko November 02, 2003
A LiveJournal anime RPG. Aptly nicknamed "the RPG of Hell." The basis is that a whole bunch of anime characters all go to high school together, resulting in wacky misadventures and general chaos. It has pedophilia, teleiophilia, homosexuality, cross-dressing, drama, talking chickens, pies, and more. Has been known to completely take over the lives of the participating members.
MugenJou High: Where everyone's major is drama.
by Umeko December 02, 2004
Rulers of the world.
4Kids gets their fanfics animated! I wish I ruled the world like they do, because I certainly deserve it more than they do!
by Umeko September 17, 2004
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