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A world after of before death, bordering on perfection; Paradise. Also an awesome song by the '60s band The Kinks.
"Sit back in your old rocking chair
You need not worry you need not care
You can't go anywhere
Shangri-La" ~The Kinks

"I'm going home to Shangri-la"
by Ultimate_Doom November 04, 2005
1- {among those who are not expected to know this sort of thing} A common mispronunciation of the word thesaurus

2- {among those who should know the word} A dinosaur made up by thick English teachers (teachers of english, not of the nationality)
-I'll look up some synonyms up in the theosaurus
-Everyone get out your theosauruses
-Theosauruses had very low I.Q.'s, a bit like me!!
by Ultimate_Doom December 26, 2005
For someone to sit in front of a screen (e.g. computer, television or gaming system) for a long period of time. This activity often results in a screentan; unlike a suntan, screentans make the skin whiter from lack of sunlight. Screentans can also be referred to as screenbleaches for this reason.
Person A:
So what you been up to today?
Person B:
Nothing much, been screenbathing for the last few hours
Person A:
Cool. Don't get a screentan though, they are such turn-
by Ultimate_Doom December 22, 2005
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