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1) The ultimate neener. Tends to be so silly, that all members of society and beyond reject them. Estimated that only 1/100000 people are neenermasters.
Also see: neenerish, neenerhead, neenerbutt, Doyle
The neenermaster is flipping out becouse I looked at him!
by UberFishCakes March 15, 2004
1) An extremely silly person, usually to a point of annoyance.
2) An emphasized version of neenerhead.
Also see:neener, neenerish, and neenermaster.
Om my god, shutup and stop being a neenerbutt.
by UberFishCakes March 15, 2004
1)A noun meaning a silly person, usally with a homosexual connotation. Short for basiglio, or basiglio a ohio.
2)Also is pronouced acronym BSG, meaning big silly goose.
Your one silly basig!
by UberFishCakes March 08, 2004
1) A person with pansexual prefrance, with OCD about all normal movement (ie. breathing, blinking), also the hate life and want to end the world. Say extreamly strange things in all situations. They confuse their own apperance to be bad/good when it is in fact the opposite. A money whore. Usally ends up becoming the a result of too much childhod censorship. Attempts the analyze the mind at all costs, usally fails, and ends up applying thier own psychology to other people.
Dude, you got got five chicken nuggets? You're such a Doyle.
by UberFishCakes March 08, 2004
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