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1 definition by UberDefiner


shorter version of someone who is fucking ugly and no one really wants to have sex with. Generally a person with a grotesque face and or facial features, i.e really thin lips, curly Luke Perry sideburns and a mustache on a female. Possibly flat assed and pot bellied as well.

Can also be used as a verb to describe someone who is acting fugly. Likely to talk smack behind someone's back and/or post a first name definition of an enemy on UrbanDictionary in order to feel better about themselves.

Note: Generally fugly people are the ones who exhibit fugly behavior.
Guy 1 : Did you see that girl that came around trying hit on me?

Guy 2: The short hairy one....with the pock face? Dude that bitch is fugly. You gonna hit that?

Guy 1: HELL NO. But I better be nice to her, I heard she can get psycho fugly when you reject her.

Guy 2: True dat.
by UberDefiner July 14, 2009