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A term given to someone who does something deserving of a title greater than "the man."
Dan: so i just found myself a new girlfriend today Jonsey. Matt Jones: I knew you would you Old Sailor!
by UNHDan August 12, 2008
1.) A word used to euphemize any noun one wishes to substitute. Typically, but not always, the male genitalia.

2.) A synonym for marijuana.
Stop diddling your googis and get back to work!

The angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the heat of the googis.

That's some dank googis we smoked!
by UNHDan November 22, 2009
n. singular: "gingy", alternate plural: "ging."

1.) A word used to euphemize any other noun you wish to substitute, typically your nuts but not always.

2.) Also part of a common exclamation: "Oh My Gingies!"
I apply Goldbond everyday to keep the gingies fresh.

My ging often itch without Goldbond.

After almost hitting a moose with my car, I kept driving but said to myself, "Oh my Gingies that was close."
by UNHDan November 22, 2009
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