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A person who tries to be pimp and gangsta but never gets the point. They are usually located next to all the populars in the background cheering for some popular people.
Himp #1: Yo I'm your pimp and your my bitch!
Olivia *Popular*: Go fuck off.
Jake *Olivia's Boyfriend*: Hey ya' himp, go f your self and get a life you stupid gaywad.
Himp #2: Haters!
Himp #1: Yeah!
Jake: *Kicks both of the himps in the places where boys DO NOT want to be kicked*
by UMSTYM2KILL June 14, 2007
Ro's are dubs. Not those stupd other rims.
Check out my 22" ro's
My ro's are NOT fucking spinners you dickhead
by UMSTYM2KILL June 14, 2007
An emo/rock band who gets a BIG emo picture from people.
Boys Like Girls' best songs are: Me, You and My Medication; The Great Escape; Five Minutes To Midnight; On Top Of The World; Up Against The Wall
by UMSTYM2KILL June 14, 2007
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