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Literally: "The Acronym Formally Known As LOL."

Phrase made to poke fun at the over-usage of "LOL"(Laughing out loud)...and Prince.

Not reccomended for use outside the internet.
Guy one: You're retarded.
Guy two: Awww... I hate my life.
Guy three: TAFKALOL!
by UCP September 18, 2006
Literally: "That big tall thing in Paris, France"

A reference to "The Eiffel Tower", the sexual act where one man receives oral from a woman while the other man does her doggystyle. The act wouldn't truely become an Eiffel Tower until to two gents did a double high five.
"I saw Alex the other day, she is such a whore."
by UCP May 31, 2007
A bastardization of "for realz", which is a bastardization of "for real". Derriving from internet forums. You'll be hard press to find this "phrase" anywhere else.
I = teh uber l337 haxorz!!!! ... 4eels...
by UCP July 24, 2006

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