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To makeout and fingerblast a girl, when suddenly things turn sour and she begins to throw up on herself as well as you.
James: Bro, so I was hooking up with this one girl and while I was finger pounding her pussy, she started to throw up ALL OVER ME.
Jorge: DUUUDE, you just got googleblasted!!!
by UCFPhi March 12, 2010
To fingerblast a girl and force someone to smell your fingers.
Anthony: I'm so pissed, I just diddlewhiffed Jason's fingers after he fingerfucked that random girl.
Kyle: Me too, it smelled like saltwater and cabbage.
by UCFPhi March 12, 2010
A bro-faux hawk, with the center spiked up and the sides around it pressed down. A hair style standard to a bro's image.
MJ got a braux hawk and it brought all the slams to the yard. Standard.
by UCFPhi February 07, 2011

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