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A rambling, white, egg shaped Homestar being, defended primarily by Kerrek. It has been said that, despite his java-induced childhood, he managed to gain a title as a song from the sixties, and has gained the respect of the peach community.
Homsar, tell us about your childhood...
by Tzar Trusk March 18, 2003
Nonsense, Adjective, Verb

1)A word which is used to substitute a space where a better verb, adjective, or noun.This context is used mainly by females ages 10-17, and the entire population of California.

2)Similar to, resembling.

3)A word used by those in Junior High, or High School, when they feel the word love, or crush is not appropriate for the context given.
1)Like, and then i bought the like, blue, or was it like purple, but, like, it was like, dark blue...

2)Man, you look like hell...

3)Janey and Alex like each other, so they blush in each other's presence.
by Tzar Trusk March 18, 2003
Proper Noun.

1)An individual renowned for his popularity, handsomeness, and high levels of awesomeactivity, Resident to South Carolina.

2)A Memeber of the Trusk Family
1)Everyone loves Trusk

2)Chris is not a Greathouse, he is a Trusk.
by Tzar Trusk March 18, 2003
A Wing-a-ling Dragon, which resembles two S's, closed up, and decorated with consummate v's. Usually portrayed with a beefy arm protruding from the back of its neck. It is reputed for its enjoyment of burnination
And Trogdor Smote The Kerrek, And All Was Laid To Burnination...
by Tzar Trusk March 18, 2003

1)An implication that an individual is extremely attractive, or desireable.
dude, she is totally "Schwing" material
by Tzar Trusk March 18, 2003
a reputed humanitarian that is known for his(or her, it has never been actually discovered officially)kindness towards egg-shaped retarded characters, mostly being homsar. it has been highly disputed that kerrek was in fact slain by a vicious "Dragon" named Trogdor.
Kerrek requested that strongbad ease his taunting of homestar.
by Tzar Trusk March 18, 2003
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