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illegal spic named danny
danny you stupid sklever go get dry humped by mike tyson
by Tyson December 05, 2004
1. A shortlived music encoding standard that preceded mp3's
2. Acronym for m p 2
Sheesh this mp2 player is worthless!!
by tyson January 29, 2003
adj:to be excesivly cool,like cheese.. only better
"Your mom is scopacious!"
"Scopacious!! I just hit that old lady, ten points for me!"
by tyson November 01, 2003
1.One who forgoes food and necessity, to buy Expensive Items, often with little or no real value or use.

2. One who pays a premium price for items only to sell them later at a drastically reduced rate.

1.I wish I could afford these tacos, but I am such a netting I just blew my paycheck on this gieger counter.

2.I purchased these speakers at such a good price, that salesman was a total netting.
by Tyson January 27, 2003
1. Prone to violent outbursts. The offensiveness of said outburst often adapts to the situation.
2. Having an unnatural attraction to Asian Women.
1. What a chrigu, why does he even go to gay bars if he's just going to get upset about the parking !
2. Flying all the way to san francisco just to ogle women, I don't know, theres just something chrigu about it.
by Tyson January 27, 2003
1. Often forgetting to put clothes in the dryer after washing them.
2. Wearing sandals regardless of weather or cleanliness of feet.
1. Man I smell like mildew today, I hemlepped my clothes again.
2. Whoa, get a load of this hemlepp, isn't like 40 degrees out today?
by Tyson January 27, 2003
everything like good betterhead
see that girl her body looking good bet she is a betterhead
by tyson March 23, 2004
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