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One who loves furries and has lots of smoo smoo with them. Also one who has a large obession with the male phalacies.
Person 1: Hey Zei Kirin, how are you doing today.
Zei Kirin: I am doing cocktaflicious. Would you like to stick a pencil up my anus please.
Person 1: You are a very weird person.
by tyme September 02, 2004
A word created from the zei kirin at geoshock. zei kirin created this word for his own pleasure and usage.
Person 1: Hello, zei kirin, how are you today?
Zei Kirin: oh today is a cocktaflicious day its so cocktaflicious and filled with cocktaflicious clouds and the sun is so cocktaflicious.
Person 1: You are a very weird child.
Zei Kirin: Well your being very cocktaflicious.
by TYME September 11, 2004
A credit card stolen from parents.
"Hey Mick, are you ready to go? I got a magic card!"
by Tyme February 19, 2013
A korean hottie that you might see in such places as koreatown or in Gardena, California.
God damn look at that hot koreana!

Wait, she's Japanese, my bad.
by TYME September 11, 2004

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