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One who loves furries and has lots of smoo smoo with them. Also one who has a large obession with the male phalacies.
Person 1: Hey Zei Kirin, how are you doing today.
Zei Kirin: I am doing cocktaflicious. Would you like to stick a pencil up my anus please.
Person 1: You are a very weird person.
by tyme September 02, 2004
A person obsessed with tentacles and the usage of tentacles, especially in the anal oriface.
That guy is a regular zei kirin, I've never seen so much tentacle rape hentai on one hard drive before!
by Xiphas March 17, 2004
One who is overwhelmingly obsessed with male genitals and severe masturbation; serving as an ode to extreme homosexuality; dreams of Arnold Schwatzenegger naked, chained to a bed, dressed in leather, with a fetish for cheese.
You're such a Zei Kirin.
Stop Zei Kirin'ing around, foo.
by Dildo March 15, 2004
The act of having a large object (chair leg, umbrella) forcibly inserted into one's anus without lubrication. Derived from "Zei Kir", people ask "Do you want Zei Kirin' tonight?"
He got Zei Kirin'd in the asshole last night
by Richie Head August 21, 2004
Very awesome dude. Really.

The man above is LYING.
Hey, Zei Kirin, can I borrows some money?
Sure, friend, how about a billion dolla!?
by Zei Kirin January 22, 2004
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