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A fat chick who's still kinda hot (fat-chick-hottie).
Harold: I like that fachottie on 'King of Queens'.
Andrew: Who, Kevin James?
Harold: Yeah, Kevin James, you fucking jackass.

by Tyleramos July 08, 2006
Nickname of the booming northern Alberta town, Fort McMurray. Has an infrastructure suited to house approximately 45,000. Population: 85,000. Chief exports are: crack cocaine, synthetic crude oil and meth-heads, respectively. Only small city in Canada with thick smog, drive-by shootings and more prostitutes per capita than Amsterdam.
Fort McDirty is a nice place to work, but I wouldn't want to live there.
by Tyleramos March 09, 2008
Japanese portmanteau of the name Brad Pitt. (pronounced 'brappy')
woman: Bra-Pi wa sugoi kakui desu-ne?
man: I don't speak Japanese.
by Tyleramos July 06, 2006
A raggedy, neglected dog that often pees on carpet.
Ralph Klein slurred, "Fuckin' pissmutt", as he booted the small dog into the gutter.
by Tyleramos July 06, 2006
The plot of hair above a man's junk.
Holy crap! That man's Speedo is so small, his upper tuft is sticking out!
by Tyleramos July 08, 2006
1. nickname for the fast-food chain A&W
2. the necessary biological reaction to the ingestion of food from A&W
"I had lunch at Anal Doublespew today...uh-oh!"
by Tyleramos July 09, 2006

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