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It can also spelled: "Le Nudge". This is a term used in shuffleboard to describe a player whose gentle touch with the weighted disc or "stone" barely nudges another player's weighted disc out of the field of play on a consistent basis. It may also be used in exclamatory fashion to describe a single play of the same kind.

The term is derived from the epic, though fictitious, battle between Monsieur Pierre Le Nuge and Monsieur Gerard LeBoeuf.

"Damn you Le Nuge! I can't believe you bumped me off again."
by Tyler Morell April 09, 2008
1. When you are in desperate need of a haircut. 2. When your hair is long, scraggly and in no particular shape. 3. When you have a "hair-jungle" on your head or in your underpants.
I have a hungle on my head man! Soon it will be a hainforest.
by Tyler Morell February 07, 2008
An acronym used by members to refer to the Gentlemen's Shuffleboard Club of Washington D.C. It is also used for the following unrelated groups and phrases:

Grin Slight Chuckle
Gaggle of Soused C#*ts
Goldman Sachs Group (ticker symbol)
"Are those the blokes from GSC drinking Foster's over there in the corner?"
by Tyler Morell April 09, 2008
Any argyle of dark colors (usually black, gray and red). This is the argyle preferred by Goths, and is so named for the strong association between Gothic architecture and gargoyles.
"I don't like to dress like a preppy, but if I must, I'll wear my gargyle socks."
by Tyler Morell April 09, 2008
1. A horrible pun told above the tree-line.
2. The kind of joke that gets you beat up.
"We pined for new jokes as soon as we got above the tree line, but we were already in the double en-tundra."
by Tyler Morell April 09, 2008
An inordinate amount of English when spinning a stone in shuffleboard.

shuffleboardGSCgargyleted kennedyswinger
That had so much English on it we'll have to call it Welsh!
by Tyler Morell November 16, 2008

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