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Generally used when viewing porn or while your at a strip club. Refers to a woman's beaver - usually when it is a bit "meaty".
Check out that Beafy Tostada!
by Ty Webb April 09, 2003
Large "one-hitter" used to smoke pot.
Fill up the el bopper grande.
by Ty Webb April 09, 2003
If you're a guy and you'v ever taken a dip in a really cold pool, you know exactly what "Retractasackaria" is. For those that need further explanation, your nuts shrivel up like raisins after emerging from cold water. George on Seinfeld referred to it as "shrinkage".
Man that water is cold! If you go in there you'll get retractasackaria!
by Ty Webb May 03, 2004
Stands for "Light Source" - a.k.a. cigarette lighter.
Who stole my fucking LS?
by Ty Webb April 09, 2003
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