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When something is so good, it is almost like you just devirganized the Virgin Mary.
She was so tight, but I loved it, she was Vagtastic!
by Twisted Gamer February 22, 2003
The waffles born and raised in the ghetto, yall!
Those ghetto waffles are slamin`.....dawg? AM I saying that right? Dawg.
by Twisted Gamer February 21, 2003
A word that you can call anyone and not get in trouble for. It can be used in any phrase or any context. It's fun for the whole family.
Mrs. Appleworth sucks lichtrot for pennies.

The Milk man lichtroted my mom in the lichtrot.

I lichtrot at night to pictures of girls lichtrotting each others lichtrots.

THAguyINgta3 loooooooves the lichtrot.
by Twisted Gamer February 19, 2003
1) A rooster, or farm animal.
2) A slang for the male genitalia.
3) A highly addictive, yet ilegal substance
1) Something shot out of the cock, and we fried it up for breakfast.

2) That man's cock could barely fit in the hamsters ass.

3) Larry was got with cock in his nose, and on his fingers.
by Twisted Gamer February 19, 2003
A country in the middle east.
They lived in afghanistan.
by Twisted Gamer February 21, 2003
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