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5 definitions by Twilight

30 second clips of men running in between commercials.
Person 1: Who do you think will win the Superbowl?
Person 2: What's that? Oh, those men running in between the commercials?
by Twilight February 02, 2004
Getting head
"She gave me knowldge"
by Twilight October 17, 2002
a typical hori (look up the word hori) yea thats pdkm
pdkm: yes i am a hori
by Twilight December 04, 2003
Having a s0xx0ring attitude, one similar to Daniel.
Daniel == s0xx0rz.
by Twilight March 22, 2004
Teh Hori King
I Am Teh Hori King :)
by Twilight December 04, 2003