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1. Non-conformist.
2. A great song by alternative/metal band Primus.
3. An even greater song by Canadian alternative group the Matthew Good Band.
4. Music that sounds popish but does not conform to any other pop music standards.
1. "Dude, there's a reason he looks like a fag yet teabagged your girl...he's anti-pop."
2. "I suck information through the holes in my skull/as my belly gurgles hungry my mouth is always full."
3. "If you give it up they'll love you for it/Give them blood and they'll love you for it..."
4. "Dears? Broken Social Scene? Those ain't pop, you dipshit...that's anti-pop."
by Twiggi September 08, 2005
The process of changing one's personality to that of a whiney bastard, oftentimes unintentionally.
Oh dear, Johnny's going through emoization. I hope this is just a phase, I'm sick of him bitching.
by Twiggi March 09, 2005
Verb. To go through emoization.
We're emoizing Dick tonight. Bring some Dashboard Confessional with you.

Don't emoize Dave. He's too nice and caring.

Look out! Dan's been emoized! Run away before he starts whining!
by Twiggi March 09, 2005
The process of intentionally changing oneself's personality to that of a whiney bastard, often in order to get laid. See also emoization.
Girl, that's a case of intentional emoization there. He's prolly still a virgin, and a pervert at that.
by Twiggi March 09, 2005
A sloth's erection. Or a mystical anomaly of nature whose beauty mystifies the animal kingdom.
Hey, check out that aardvark!
That's nothing compared to a slurection.
by Twiggi March 09, 2005
A synonym to the word fuck. Particularly in the Boston area.
I wanna dink that bitch over there hard.
Don't be such a dink.
Why don't play a nice game of hide-and-go-dink-yourself, eh?
Dink that shit, I'm out.
by Twiggi October 03, 2005
A stoned suicide jumper.
There's the cerpin taxt...wait, now he's sitting down on top of the bridge! This will make him easy to catch.
by Twiggi March 09, 2005
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