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An oversized baseball cap with a ridiculously huge rim.
Also tends to cover the eyes and ears of anyone who wears one.
Mostly worn by blacks or latinos in urban communities (male or female).

Anyone wearing an uber baseball cap looks like a complete idiot.
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
A female that is either with "gangstas" intimately, or part of the group.

Mostly, African-american and/or Latin origin.

Seen in urban communities.

Just about the dirtiest a woman can be without being a prostitute.

Not worth the time or the effort, and nothing compared to the love of a CLEAN, non-gang affiliated woman.

If a Gangsta female wants to have sex with you, be aware of the fact that she may have STDs and 10 times more baggage than the average female can have. (The kind you REALLY don't want either)
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
Referring to a video tape, and soon to be replaced by the Digital Video Disc.
DVD's have to be handled more carefully and be placed in environments with a certain level of humidity and temperature... despite the longevity DVDs have they seem to be a bit more fragile than the VHS. If you still have VHS tapes KEEP THEM! until they are completely unusable.
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
A silly show based on rich teens and alot of meaningless drama.

Should have been on the WB instead of the FOX network.
Erica: Do you want to watch the OC?
Me: Naa I have better things to do.
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
A pop lip syncher who is beautiful with makeup, but incredibly ugly without it.

Sometimes protrayed as a snobbish white trash girl from the south.

A girl who really needs to clean her tongue. It is as white as the moon. BLECH.. :-\ Don't even want to know where that tongue's been.
Person A: Do you like Britney Spears?
Person B: Sure I do... shes HOT as hell !
Person C: She should be in Porn.. NOT singing!
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
A Professional Wrestler for the WWE. He is a three time WWE Champion, and a three time WWE United States Champion. Used to be booed out of the building during his run as WWE Champion, but is now being cheered again. Hated by people who dislike him for his "hip-hop/rap" gimmick, and his incredibly horrible in ring ability. These people however are most likely hypocrites whom probably used to cheer Hulk Hogan who had the same horrible in ring ability. As fans grow older they learn to appreciate the ring work more. "John Cena Fans aka 'Cetards'" was a phrase coined by the infamous and minority Pro Wrestling fan base the "IWC". The same fans that like John Cena are the same type of fans that liked Hulk Hogan. John Cena is loved for his "CHARISMA"
John Cena, is both hated and loved by many. He is a horrible in ring worker, but delivers entertainment for everyone.

John Cena is NOT another "Steve Austin, nor Rock" as some might claim. John Cena is what seems to be another "Hulk Hogan" in the works; (as it pertains to his WIN/LOSS RECORD,his LENGTHY WWE Championship reigns, overall in ring SQUASH and DOMINANTING style, and his fanbase consisting of mostly CHILDREN and YOUNG WOMEN)hopefully he does not obtain the same immense ego.
by TwentyFour October 20, 2006
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