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The logo of the microblogging service Twitter, displayed prominently on its error page signifying server overload. Fail Whale is a common occurrence.
I wanted to submit twits for this day, but all I got was a Fail Whale.
by TweenkPL April 07, 2009
A device that is unlocked or hacked in some way before you buy it, so you don't have to buy it yourself. Typically applied to jailbroken or carrier-unlocked phones and gaming consoles with customized firmware or modchips that allows them to run backed up or pirated games. Selling preowned devices is illegal in some countries.
Preowned iPhones for $299, use with any SIM card you like.
Brand new PSPs for sale, preowned, custom firmware 4.0 M33-2.
by TweenkPL August 25, 2009
Jamaican slang for cunnilingus. Used as a verb, especially in insults.
Probably from "labia juice", implying a wet pussy.
guh labbajuice yu madda = literally: go lick your mom's pussy, meaning: fuck off
by TweenkPL September 07, 2012

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