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1. The best and most oftenly picked character in a game. This character is more times than not the strongest and usually is chosen the most in tournament/high levels of play. Synonymous with low risk high reward.

2. The best

3. Opposite of low tier
Sagat, Blanka, A-Sakura, A-Bison, Ken, Yun, Cable, Magnus, Storm

"His CvS2 team is top tier"

"This sandwich is top tier"

"His PNRZ sure is top tier"
by Tweakumz July 08, 2003
1. Choosing low tier characters

2. Choosing the wrong groove

3. Choosing any of the OTHER 48 characters in MvC2

"Dude you are gonna get so reamed, you basically lost at the select screen."

"S groove?"
by Tweakumz July 08, 2003
1. Opposite of Top tier

2. Usually the one of the worst and often un-picked character in a game. This character is usually never chosen in serious play, and more times than not has bad attacks and low defense.

3. Not great, bad
Sean, the other 48 characters in MvC2, Dan

"LOL his team is so low tier, he lost at the select screen"

"This sandwich is low tier :("

"His PNRZ was rather low tier"
by Tweakumz July 08, 2003
Short for Crouching Fierce. Most widely known to be linked to such characters like Sagat and Blanka.
The c. fierce is unstopable.
by Tweakumz July 06, 2003
The dictionary created by Tweak. Consisting mainly for use when making a typo in front of friends, or getting that extra 20 points in Yahoo Scrabble.
<John> LORDIAMC is not a word!
<Jake> Its right here in the Tweakionary!
by Tweakumz July 06, 2003
A cute way to refer to the loveable man known as Tweak.
And his name was Tweakumz.
by Tweakumz July 06, 2003
1- A hilarious and slurred mispronunciation of the word "vagina"

2- A pussy

3- Webslang for the vagina


"Dude quit being a fucking VGNRZ"
by Tweakumz July 06, 2003
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