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It stands for "Your Mom Pussy Stink!"

Used when online or texting. Short and to the point. A come back that's so harsh you don't even want spell it out online!

Made by TMB Crew!
BitchAssBitch on FB: Yo Fuck Yo Couch Bitch Nigga!
Me on FB: Fuck You that's why YMPS!
by TurtleInParris January 03, 2013
Acronym for Typical Minority Behavior. It is the base or main usage for when you see minorities being minorities...aka...following the stereotype.

Others include changes in the middle letter "M" to other races or places. Ex. Mx=Mexican, W=White, PR=Puerto Rican, T=terrorist, A=Arab, etc.

Warning=Only Races, Well Known Places and Jew is allowed to be added into the middle.

TMB is the most common usage. If you feel like being specific (u rarely should in some cases) then use the variation of TMB.
1-Yo those black kids playing basketball while drinking kool aid and eating fried chicken is mad TMB!

2-(You see a arab driving a taxi) Yo thats TTB!

by TuRTlEinPaRRiS October 22, 2009

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