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When someone is so fat it is a catastrophe.
That's a fatastrophe!
by TurtleHDPokinU April 08, 2009
Skin Cell Beach - is a beach on an office desk made up of skin cells. Usually in the shape of a half moon in front of where the person would normally sit. Its black and nasty skin cells that have been amassed over a long period of time and never cleaned.
how can you sit over there at skin cell beach? why don't you clean that thing?
by TurtleHDpokinU May 03, 2011
sandbar - when you shit in the toilet and the mound peaks above the water line forming a sandbar\
omg there are raisins in your sandbar homie1
by TurtleHDpokinU May 03, 2011
populatin means having sex or partying. when you have sex you are populating the earth and partying leads to sex so read my example.
let's get it POPULATIN up in here!!!!!!!!!!!
omg they over there populatin behind that bush whooo doggey
by TurtleHDpokinU May 03, 2011
A hangdiver is poop that hangs off your butt. First it hangs, then it dives.
"I'm gonna go cut a hangdiver"
by TurtleHDPokinU April 07, 2009

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