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A variant of Mentally Retarded, this condition affects women during their period, when they are often prone to completely illogical and irrational behaviour.
"Heather must be on her rags! She's acting completely menstrually retarded."

"Did you see the way that Toby was attacked by Janine?!? Over nothing! She's acting menstrually retarded."
by Turdy Barrelnuts April 20, 2010
A variant of Mental Patient, an irrational craziness besets women during their period, and they are transformed into bleeding mental patients.
"Gloria has completely lost her shit. One minute she was laughing, then she burst into tears, and finally she stabbed Frank with a spoon! She's acting like a fucking Menstrual Patient!"
by Turdy Barrelnuts April 20, 2010
A thick, pungent yeasty paste that is commonly excreted from a vagina. Most often used in a derogatory manner - as an insult.
"You, sir, are one filthy cunge."

"Only a dirty cunge-munger would do a thing like that".

"We got into it on Saturday after we'd been for a run. Things got kinda sticky, but it wasn't til I pulled my fingers out that I could see they were coated with cunge."
by Turdy Barrelnuts April 20, 2010
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