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Hobo Days or Hobo Daze

A week where South Dakota State University students get fucked up for the week. Show up to class drunk as shit. Cool professors don't care. Kids EVERYWHERE flock to South Dakota State for this. Usually starts the first Sunday in November. Parties, Parties, Parties! And Sunday morning nobody remebers what the fuck they did Friday and Saturday.
Guy 1- hey man, u going to Hobo Days
Guy 2- FUCK YAH!!! We going be drunk as shit all week!
by TuffyKillA November 03, 2011
Masturbation, jerking off, or taming your dragon at your home. Hence the "homemade" part.
Jimbo-Hey Joe wanna go to the party tonight at Silly Billy's place?
Joe- ahh..no thanks I'm gonna make some homemade pie.
Jimbo- whats that
Joe- My mom just got the magazine Good Housekeeping. So im gonna jerk off to that.
by TuffyKillA February 11, 2011

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