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The author of I Hope they serve beer in Hell and of tuckermax.com, both of on which he posts stories of hooking up with women and drunken adventures which he claims are true. However, his website is heavily censored, a mere mention of the O&A interview in which they tore apart his stories (hosted on youtube for the public to see) will get you IP banned from the site's message board. The man is out to make money and get girls, which is respectable, but as he makes a point of calling out posers, it becomes obvious what a hypocrite he really is. (Also, see the talk page on wikipedia in which his girlfriend tells about his double life and what an act it all is). The sad truth is, he's just a pretender with entirely too many STDs.
Tucker Max's Abinsthe Doughnut story was called out in the O&A interview, on the grounds that there never was a police report, making the entire story false. He changed his story into it being a subway, but the fact remains, the majority of his stories are BS.
by TuckerMaxisFake October 04, 2006

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