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Involuntary reflex from the human body, similar to gagging or hacking up a lugy, which happens continuously during a whole night of partying and popping bottles, scaring away any girls from your VIP table, and also causing security to keep a close eye on the individuals involved.
Joe, "Why after every bump does Jon gag like that, is he dying? Also he is making everyone look at us."

James, "He is mathering dude, it's all good, that's how we roll"
#partying #vip #gagging #lugy #popping #bottles
by TuckDCconnect August 06, 2012
The strongest flu known to man. It is a combination of three flu viruses spread by 3 different males to a stripper's breast, where the viruses mix to form a super virus.
James, "I am so sick I think I am dying."

Kyle, "You must have caught stripper flu again from one of your dirty whores!"
#stripper #flu #sick #virus #man
by TuckDCconnect January 17, 2011
Condition that occurs starting at midnight the day a new video game is released consisting of fake flu or cold like symptoms reported to your boss, teachers, or parents. Popular games such as the Call of Duty, Halo, and many sports game series, have multi-player online gaming and every second matters to international rankings. It is very common for any gamer to get "sick" to take off school or work when a new popular game is released.
James, "COD Black Ops II comes out 11/13/2012, I can't wait!"

Joe, "Are you going to have "gamer sickness" and miss work again like when Halo 4 came out a few weeks ago?"

James, "It's a "gamer sick day", and yes I feel like crap already, I think I have the flu."
#video #game #sickness #missing work #sick day #cod #black ops ii
by TuckDCconnect November 12, 2012
Alcohol induced event when a man thinks he picked up a hot girl in a dark club with makeup and a nice dress on, has sex that night, then the next morning wakes up to find she is a goblin looking creature.
James tells Glen, "Hey man did you see that hot Asian bartender Clint picked up last night?" Glen, "Yeah she was cute!" James, "Well Clint woke up in the morning and had a Goblin Surprise, she looked like Yoda from Starwars!"
#golbin #sex #yoda #creature #bartender #alcohol
by TuckDCconnect January 05, 2011
The actual procedure name for when a tranny gets their penis or tinkler cut off to become a full blown women. Trannies are referred to as post-op once the tinklerotomy is performed.
Bruce Jenner is doing the tinklerotomy on a live TV reality show so the whole world knows he is a post op tranny.
#tinkler #penis removal #tranny #bruce jenner #dickless
by TuckDCconnect February 11, 2015
Act of drinking a handle bottle of liquor at the first sign of flu or cold symptoms, bringing your blood alcohol level to about .35, and killing any germs present in the human body.
Glen, "man James you looked like shit yesterday, I was sure you were coming down with that nasty flu that's going around."

James, "I was, but I did a Medicinal Bender by drinking a handle of Beam, killed all those germs before I woke up!"
#liquor #flu #cold #medicinal #bender #medicine #germs #alcohol
by TuckDCconnect January 06, 2011
A very strong drink, also known as a trip splash which includes light ice, three shots of liquor, and a small splash of mixer used as a mild fire retardant.
Carmen, "While smoking a cigarette, Glen spilled his drink and caught the whole bar on fire."

James, "Well if he would have ordered the Fire Marshall Special with a splash of coke in his 151, the fire never would have happened!"
#fire marshall #drink #drunk #liquor #cigarette
by TuckDCconnect January 06, 2011
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