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4 definitions by Tubby

the reason that we now can fill up our cars on the blood of Iraqi children
Thanks to operation world domination i can save three cents on my next fill up! Heil Bush! and Americas Third Reich!
by Tubby December 06, 2003
lying bastard
That wonchon, he got me again.
by tubby October 29, 2003
A boffin in year 9 at the forest school who loves algebra.
Alex Quanstrom is such a quanch
by Tubby December 01, 2003
A highly popular anime on Toonami, but is considered over rated by true anime fans(Otakus).
Otaku:FLCL, Evangelion, and Ranma are some of the best animes
DBZ Fan:You didn't mention DBZ in there you idiot!
Otaku:Start running bitch!
by Tubby October 14, 2003