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3 definitions by Tsamsiyu

phrase said when somebody says something that could be taken in a sexual way.
(talking about her homework)
Girl: "I just jumped on it and started going to town."
Boy: "Aww Baby!"

(trying to unlock your hotel door with your card)
Girl: "Just slide it in there slowly and pull it out."
Boy: "Aww Baby!"
by Tsamsiyu December 12, 2010
A phrase used when people end their sentence with a name to make it sound like that person had sex with who they were talkin about.
Boy 1: "So you think Denzel Washington is ugly?
Girl: "No he's gorgeous! I think you meant Michael Moore."
Boy 2: "Cheed you!"
by Tsamsiyu December 12, 2010
had sexual intercourse with someone. Another word for screwed, banged, boinked, etc. Also if you got beat really bad whether in a sports game or fight.
"He came up to my room and we cheed."

(After getting destroyed in a football game) "Dude we just got cheed."
by Tsamsiyu December 12, 2010