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2 definitions by Trypchain888

A guy who is always charming people to get out of trouble. Usually very fliratious with the females but deep down just wants a stable relationship with a chill girl. Very goodlooking and quick witted.
That guy is such an "Allan", he got away with stealing car and got a date with three of hot reporters outside the court.
by Trypchain888 March 13, 2008
1.A girl who does not try yet always gets attention.

2.Usually musical girl with a modern siren like vibe.
/ A girl always causing men to "crash" due to her beauty.

3.Highlyly female attractive who could care less
1. I was such a "Michelle" last night. Even when I went to the corner of the room guys followed me.
2.My wife had been such a "Michelle", when she played her violin or sang I was mezmerised.

She's such a "Michelle", I told her she looked gorgeous in her dress and she just shrugged.
by Trypchain888 March 13, 2008