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3 definitions by TruthaboutMe

Somewhat of a small school. Although it is currently very high in ranking it is incredibly easy to "get it on". The girls there are generally insecure and the males are either drug lords or "emo pimps". To get "laid" there you must say to get a male booty call: "I'm so hot right now, I just want to take off my shirt". Or to get a feale booty call say: "I'm so depressed... (And where skinny jeans preferably).

Also, there is a somewhat large group of obese latina girls who often fight with the obese african-american girls (they are very loud). The youngest of these obese ethnic female clan is still residing in Longfellow Middle School.
"I just transfered here from McLean Highschool," said the stranger to room 208.
"How many times did you get fucked?" shouted a voice from the back of the class.
by TruthaboutMe January 25, 2010
When someone gets hot coconut juice and pours it into a woman's vagina, boobs, lovesack, and mouth while making love, causing the woman not to know which is ccnut juice and which is the male's ejaculation. This is best done when the female is blindfolded.
"Last night was so crazy dude... Carly and I fucked eachother's brains out," Bob said.
"Seriously?" asked Philip dumbfounded.
"Yeah we cocofucked and everything," Bob admitted smiling.
"But she's my girlfriend..." cried Philip.
by TruthaboutMe January 25, 2010
The Blow Hand Love Career should not, NOT be taken lightly. Originally created in Ancient China, only the highest concubines of the emperor would learn such a trick. Later it was uncovered at the end of the nineteenth century by the British.

This is where a woman switches from a blow job to a hand job every fifteen minutes switching at least until the man shoots cum regularily. Anyway, when the woman has done this she will lick her hands clean of jiz and then starts to have anus sex with the man. When that is finished she shall excrete the males ejaculation onto her hands and eat it as the man enjoys the sight.

To fully appreciate and recreate The Blow Hand Love Career the man should cut a hole at the tip of a condom to make an essence of shooting cum. Also, it should take at least two hours.
"Connor... I think I'm ready for the Blow Hand Love Career," Nora said shyly.
"Honey, you know it takes a lot of work and responsibility it isn't like some lousy job, its a career. Are you ready for that?" Josh questioned authoritatively.

~Three Hours Later~

"You've done well my Sofia," smiled Connor.
"My name's Nora," she stated looking angrier by the second.
"Oh shi-"
by TruthaboutMe January 25, 2010