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2 definitions by Trustkill

A World of Warcraft player on the Demon Soul Server. Human Paladin. A player who camps and kills level 20 noobs or alts for hours. Most times can be found in Tarren Mill. If you play a horde toon on this server, there is a 100% chance he has killed you.
"Hey guys, Justin Blade is in Tarren Mill"

:::5min later, 10,000 horde players show up:::
by Trustkill March 10, 2010
A term used for someone with great power. Higher up. Over achiever. Someone with a capped level of each class in World of Warcraft.
Trustkill: "Did you guys down Jesus yet?"

Makiah: "Hell no, it would take someone with Kumastatus to kill him"
by Trustkill March 10, 2010