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Refers to the newspaper called the Wall Street Journal.
I read the article in the WSJ yesterday.
#newspaper #newspapers #news #wall street #print
by Trussminer November 29, 2007

a. abbreviation for religious nut

b. a person who is a religious fanatic or a religious zealot

c. a person who pushes his/her religious view points upon others but rejects considering the religious or non-religious view points of others

d. a person who has surrendered his/her thought processes to, normally, ancient belief system(s) based on old, unsubstantiated word-of-mouth stories
During a break from rehearsals at school, this relnut suddenly appeared and began proselytizing to the cast.

While discussing the lyrics to one of the Beatles' songs, a relnut from within our group stated that, if you play their songs backwards, you'll hear satanic messages.
#rel nut #rel-nut #religious nut #religiousnut #rilnut #ril-nut #ril nut #religeous nut #religeousnut
by Trussminer January 27, 2010
Rolling On the Floor Laughing Hysterically.
When my husband, under the influence of Viagra, tripped on the threshold of the hallway and pole-vaulted into the living room in the presence of our unexpected guests, I fell to the floor ... ROFLH!
#viagra #pole-vaulting #embarrassing #sex #guests
by Trussminer October 04, 2009
I hate Youtube's character limitations.
I entered a short comment on YouTube but their character counter stated that I was over the limit so I had to shorten my comment, leaving out important info, and ending in IHYCL!
#ihytcl #youtube #characterlimits #characterlimitations #character
by trussminer September 28, 2009
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