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4 definitions by Trussminer

Refers to the newspaper called the Wall Street Journal.
I read the article in the WSJ yesterday.
by Trussminer November 29, 2007

a. abbreviation for religious nut

b. a person who is a religious fanatic or a religious zealot

c. a person who pushes his/her religious view points upon others but rejects considering the religious or non-religious view points of others

d. a person who has surrendered his/her thought processes to, normally, ancient belief system(s) based on old, unsubstantiated word-of-mouth stories
During a break from rehearsals at school, this relnut suddenly appeared and began proselytizing to the cast.

While discussing the lyrics to one of the Beatles' songs, a relnut from within our group stated that, if you play their songs backwards, you'll hear satanic messages.
by Trussminer January 27, 2010
Rolling On the Floor Laughing Hysterically.
When my husband, under the influence of Viagra, tripped on the threshold of the hallway and pole-vaulted into the living room in the presence of our unexpected guests, I fell to the floor ... ROFLH!
by Trussminer October 04, 2009
I hate Youtube's character limitations.
I entered a short comment on YouTube but their character counter stated that I was over the limit so I had to shorten my comment, leaving out important info, and ending in IHYCL!
by trussminer September 28, 2009