12 definitions by Trunks

Something so bad, the feeling resembles that of a large black man named Bertha packing your fudge for you.
The party sucked so much, it was almost ass-reamingly terrible.
by Trunks November 16, 2003
So awesome, your shit is overpowred and flees your ass into your pants.
That was so spectacular, I shit myself!
by Trunks November 16, 2003
Someone who annoys me to the extent that, given the opportunity, I would beat him into such a deformed state that he'd be wearing his ass as a hat.
The people I deal with daily.
by Trunks November 20, 2003
loser cowtown in middle of nowhere...
Okeechobee is hell
by trunks December 08, 2003
when the dick is pleasured by either himself or another women.
That bitch got me soo hard giz shot right out and hit her right in the eye.
by trunks April 10, 2004

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