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Short for Plebeian.

Today, Pleb is often used to describe a person who appears to belong to the lower or middle classes of society.

This term was originally used to refer to the class of common people in ancient Rome. These people were often poor or middle class, but could also be very wealthy. A wealthy Pleb differed from a Patrician (the elite/upper class) because they were not born into their social status, but rather moved up in society on their own steam.

Upperclassman: "He doesn't have an education and he has a crappy job that earns him very little money. He's such a Pleb"

by Trufs February 16, 2009
A person who becomes a vegetarian simply because it is trendy to do so. These people do not have any moral opposition to eating meat, they are just trying to be "hip".
Girl 1."Natasha had decided that she's not going to eat meat anymore"

Girl 2. "Why? Because she doesn't believe in cruelty to animals? Or is it for environmental reasons?"

Girl 1: "No it's not like that, she's just being a trendyveg."
by Trufs February 16, 2009
When you're with a guy (usually in a sexual situation) and you call him another guy's name, this is called pulling an Emma.
"...my name's Brad."
"...hahah oops, I pulled an Emma..."

Also can be used as: Pulling an Emma, pull an Emma, did an Emma, slipped an Emma
by Trufs February 16, 2009
A gangsta term, similar to "beef".
When someone is insulting you/fighting with you/ beefing you, this is called chirping.
"You gonna chirp him after school?"
"Yea bo-iii"
"He was all up in ma grill chirping me"
by Trufs February 17, 2009
1. Used as an exclamation when somebody is shocked or surprised.

2. Used when someone is upset, similar to f*ck, sh*t, damn
Guy 1: "You know that girl you were going to ask out? I saw on facebook that she's dating your buddy."

Guy 2: "Aw, moof!"
by Trufs February 17, 2009

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