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1. A healing class that is the most effective healer in the World of Warcraftwho can mind control, give fort(stamina) buffs, shadow ward, shackle extra undead mobs during raids, and have massive mana pools to keep the raid alive.
2. The class in the World of Warcraft that takes the most blame if the Main Tank or Off-Tank dies.
1. Priests have mana pools in the then thousands with better gear.
2. Could I get a fort buff from a priest when they have time?
3. Stupid noob, now we need our priest to shackle that extra undead mob.
by Trueblonde October 03, 2006
The punching bags or meat shields in the World of warcraft that isolate bosses and mobs from raids so a guild can be successful as a whole.
We will all be wtfpwned if the warrior happens to die during this boss fight, because he will lose all aggro on the boss.
by Trueblonde October 03, 2006

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