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CORPORATE BULLSHIT!!! Just a bunch of talentless mother fuckers with an ambition to be "cool" and "different" but all you nu-metal faggots are all the same and no matter how good your life is you always seem to find something to whine about just like your precious linkin park or chevelle! To me nu-metal has got the same reputation as.....dare i say.....Good Charlotte or New found glory except faggy punk bands like these dont need to drop tune their guitars to play an easy power chord. nu-metal, punk, and pop bands along with the fans should fuck off and die! oh im sorry they already want to do that because their babysitter wouldn't give them a cookie. And i am sorry to say metallica is on their way as well.
sorry metallica st.anger sucks dick!
slipknot, mudvayne, korn, linkin park, metallica's st.anger and i think good charlotte can fit in with them also
by TrueMetalHead666 March 28, 2004
A fucking genius! Varg has a way of putting his evil traits and dark thoughts in to music that nobody can truly recreate. Varg is an ambient and black metal genius. whoever thinks burzum is crap is a little christian fuck who is to weak minded to realize god is nothing and varg is true black metal!
No example asshole just true fucking EVIL!
by truemetalhead666 April 05, 2004
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