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73 definitions by Troy

Combination of Pathetic and Sad
He's a 34 year old virgin....that's just pathetasad.
by Troy February 19, 2003
5 2
To try to make something funny, only to make things go wrong; screwing things up; Ruining the fun
Bob says a joke.
Jim says a joke thats a spinoff of Bob's.
Everyone stops laughing when Jim says his joke.
by Troy December 21, 2004
3 2
liquid derived from the male genitalia. Also known as semen.
"I'd love to spray my man-spackle all over that young woman's forehead."
by troy October 21, 2004
4 3
a person, by the name of dan who reminds one of a neanderthal. a rather odd looking fellow with a large brow and forehead.
cave dan has been doing some serious crushing!
by troy October 30, 2003
5 4
is a type of shifter in cars for both manual and automatic transmission. usually used in high performance cars, such as modified mustangs and camaros. you can find a B&m shifter usually being used by a guy with a mullet.
damn boy, that is a sweet ass car. you got a B&M shifter in that thing?
by troy October 29, 2003
37 36
The supplying of materials.
Jack needed supplyment for his machine.
by Troy December 23, 2004
1 1
when a man ejaculates in his own face / mouth
Andy friendly fires when he masturbates.
by Troy May 25, 2004
15 15