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n. 1. Debilitating infection of your computer caused by virus picked up from accessing Porn Sites. 2. Genital & palm calluses caused by frequent one-hand-typing while cybering.
I can't get in to the chat room since I got a dose of cyberclap from that MILF site.
by TrouserMonkey August 28, 2005
Unsolicited dating site messages from self described pretty through gorgeous females who will love you and treat you well forever as is the custom in their homeland. All a guy has to do is contact them at an "easier to reach" direct email address. Invariably these women will have lovely pictures posted, ill parents who require intensive medical care etc. Ghana seems to be where they live, but there are variants from Nigeria and elsewhere.
I will apritiate your kindnes a thosand time for you to help my family
by TrouserMonkey August 28, 2005
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