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15 definitions by Trouble

(see dolt) An extemely moronic person
Blake is a FUCKING dolt
by Trouble November 14, 2002
4 9
Marvin Gaye - let's get it on
by trouble April 26, 2003
6 13
Extremely Stupid Person
Wow, Blake is a fucking DOLT
by Trouble October 08, 2002
85 99
don't actually reccover ever did acid regularly electrically
drag-ass republican election
by trouble April 29, 2003
5 36
usually a one shot deal/ no intro
"on the floor, bitch"
by trouble April 29, 2003
4 40
A shallow "man" who with an unnerving amount of Mommy complexes (because he was breast fed until he was 9!) finds a sexually healthy,independent,intelligent and beautiful female and runs like the sorry ass bitch that he is.Women who posess beauty, brains and also lack the typical guilt complex about sex terrifies weak men.Will be continued...
See also Matt Sable....a sad,sad little man dog paddling in the big boy's pool
by Trouble April 11, 2005
139 189
Nasty,poofy panties for either elderly women or uptight,sexually insecure,sex witholding bitches who are incable of embracing their naturual sexuality.They date men in finance.see the future of Matt Sable.
Matt Sable gets to look forward to years of unrelenting "exposure" to dating uptight frigid women who don expansive cotton bloomers.Pussy NEVER seen!
by Trouble April 11, 2005
47 115