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2 definitions by Tronnit

To kick someone off a ledge or into a pit/hole. Derives from the movie "300." Most people often scream "This is Sparta" for full comedic effect.
Jerry kicked Tom off a table. Tom was spartan'd.
by Tronnit November 07, 2007
A person who does either of the following: Uses people for Xbox 360 Achievements; is a fucking social leech/conformist/ass kisser; Claims to like a band, yet only has that one song from Guitar Hero by that band; Lazy (so lazy , they trade crutches for a wheelchair); a poser; and is basically a douche.
"Dude, Joe came over and beat Guitar Hero on medium, and I got a lot of achievements!"

"Tom, you're such a fucking gleason."
by Tronnit November 12, 2007