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During the act of one guy eating another guy's ass out, the recipient of the act passes gas into the eater's mouth only to have the man swallow the gas then belch it back in the face of the gas passer.
Brian totally got a puff of air last night when I Dusty McFergusoned his ass.
by Tron314 October 09, 2006
When a cashier rightfully secretly charges a customer an extra amount of money to get something for him or herself in response to the rudeness and/or dumbassness the customer displayed to the cashier.
Worker 1- "Man, that guy was a dick. No worries though... I dizzled his ass"

Worker 2- "Nice"

Worker 1- "...here have some of the Mamba he bought me"
by Tron314 April 03, 2007

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